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Matchbox Pictures is an Australian film and television production company that was founded in 2008 by Tony Ayres, Penny Chapman, Helen Bowden, Michael McMahon and Helen Packhurst. The company produces scripted and unscripted award-winning shows and feature movies like Nowhere Boys and The Real Housewives of Melbourne (an Australian version of The Real Housewives). In 2011, NBCUniversal International Television Production (now Universal International Studios) acquired a majority stake in the company and added it to its international portfolio, taking full ownership in 2014. In 2018, Matchbox and NBCUniversal International backed up a new production company called "Tony Ayres Productions", which was founded by Matchbox co-founder Tony Ayres.

Logo (April 14, 2009-)

Visuals: Over a black background is the CGI word "matchbox" in a script-like font with the "a" and "b" connected together with a vertical line. A magenta CGI match drops from above, hitting the floor and flipping. The match has "PICTURES" in white printed on it.


  • Sometimes, the logo is still.
  • An in-credit version has the logo in magenta or white with "PICTURES" in either white or black.
  • A short version exists.
  • The logo sometimes shares the screen with other logos.
  • For unscripted shows like The Real Housewives of Melbourne, the same animation plays but "ENTERTAINMENT" appears on the match instead of "PICTURES".
  • One variation used on The Turning (2013 version) has the logo still with "PRODUCTIONS" on the match instead of "PICTURES".
  • On Ali's Wedding, the match drops slower than usual.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A quick slash with sounds of the match clanging, a match-striking sound, the ending theme of the show, or none.

Availability: Seen on television shows and movies that the company produced such as Nowhere Boys, Glitch, Mustang FC and Fires, among others. The "ENTERTAINMENT" version is seen on unscripted shows such as Formal Wars, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, The Real Housewives of Sydney and Making It Australia, among others. It also appears on US shows co-produced with Universal Television and Universal Content Productions like Camp, Young Rock, La Brea and Joe vs. Carole.

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