Thomas-Spelling Productions

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Thomas-Spelling Productions was the first television production company of Aaron Spelling and actor/comedian Danny Thomas (who also teamed up with fellow producer Sheldon Leonard on Make Room for Daddy), which was formed in 1966 and dissolved in 1973 after The Mod Squad ended.

Logo (January 13, 1967-September 15, 1969)

Visuals: On a navy blue background, there is a red shield with a white outline, white filmstrips coming out of two filmreels and hanging around it, two drama masks, an outlined eagle on top, and the words "Thomas/Spelling" with a diagonal filmstrip separating them. A white arched banner with the word "PRODUCTIONS" in red inside is below the shield.

Variant: On Rango, the shield zooms in.

Technique: On Rango, camera-controlled animation. None on The Guns of Will Sonnett.

Audio: On Rango and the pilot for The Guns of Will Sonnett, a regal trumpet fanfare was used, with a sped-up version on the latter. On The Guns of Will Sonnett, the closing theme was used.

Availability: It was seen on Rango and The Guns of Will Sonnett.

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