Hobart Bosworth Productions Company

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Logo (January 20-August 26, 1915)


  • Opening: On the film's title card, the logo (The white letter "B" in a fancy font with a drawing of a flying bee on the bottom right corner of the letter) on both top corners, and the company name on the top center, all inside a frame.
  • Closing: On a black background, the same logo from the opening is shown at the center, as well as the white text
Distributed by
Paramount Pictures Corporation

below the logo. The logo is also inside of a frame.

Technique: Traditional animation consisting of only a frame.

Audio: Either none, or the film's opening/closing theme.

Availability: Seen on Hypocrites, Sunshine Molly, and The Majesty of the Law.

Hobart Bosworth Productions Company
Pallas Pictures
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