Bob Yari Productions

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This was an independent film company founded in 2002, and headed by producer Bob Yari. With the El Camino Pictures name alongside with it, it was consolidated under Yari Film Group in 2005 and went bankrupt in 2008.

Logo (2004-2008)

Visuals: The camera flies quickly above city streets full of moving cars. The style changes as the camera moves, almost like the camera was zooming into different eras, and the sky also rapidly spins around and changes colors. The camera then hits a neighborhood street sign that spins rapidly before settling. The sign reads "BOB YARI PRODUCTIONS". When the sign stops spinning, the camera zooms out and a box appears around it. There is a diamond shape, with "BYP" in thin letters inside, on top of the banner.


  • There is a short version of this logo.
  • A closing variant also exists.
  • Sometimes, the company name is shortened to "BYP", with the full name being shown below in this case, and the diamond is replaced with a trefoil mark.
  • It is also sometimes replaced with the company name "EL CAMINO PICTURES". The mark above is changed to four squares.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An old-style gramophone theme and some ticking noises, followed by brief piano and string notes that change into a hip-hop beat. The music suddenly stops when the sign gets hit, being instead replaced by several flipping and whirring sounds, before ending with a calm synth drone.

Availability: The long version can be seen on Find Me Guilty, Thumbsucker and Even Money. The short version was seen on Crash, The Hoax and The Illusionist. The El Camino logo was seen on First Snow, The ChumScrubber, Haven and A Love Song for Bobby Long.

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