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Hopscotch is an Australian documentary, foreign film and arthouse distributor founded by Frank Cox and was the successor of NewVision. It started in 2002 as a DVD distributor of said genre of films but expanded in 2009 to feature film production. In 2011, Canada's Entertainment One purchased the company as eOne's Australian division before fully absorbing the Hopscotch name in March 2014 where it now releases films under the Entertainment One brand. In 2013, the NewVision name was revived.

1st Logo (2002-2010)

Visuals: There is a neon sign reading "Hopscotch" in a loopy font standing in what appears to be a park at night with lit houses in the background. The sign then flickers on. The screen fades to black, and "Hopscotch" turns into a 2D image, slowly zooming toward the camera.

Variant: On a TV spot for Nativity!, it is snowing on the logo.

Technique: All live-action, except for the fade to black and the zoom-in.

Audio: Just the sounds of crickets chirping and dogs barking, along with the neon sign buzzing.

Availability: Seen on all Hopscotch releases and trailers, most notably Bowling for Columbine (Hopscotch's first ever release), Mao's Last Dancer and Pan's Labyrinth.

2nd Logo (2011-2014)

Visuals: Same as last time, but at the end, the logo does not zoom in. Instead, a byline reading "An Entertainment One Company" appears below the logo below and next to the "p". Then a sped-up version of the eOne logo animation (as used in their previous standalone logo) plays on the bottom right of the screen.

Variant: There is a short version used on some trailers which features a solid blue, un-animated eOne logo.

Technique: Same as the last logo, but the zooming is replaced with the fading in of the eOne byline and the sped-up eOne logo animation.

Audio: Same effects from the last logo, but the background noise is extended through the entire logo.

Availability: Can be seen at the start of movies from Hopscotch from 2011 right up until 2014, most notably Bel Ami and The Sapphires.

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