United World Films

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United World Films, Inc. was the non-theatrical movie division established by Universal Pictures. They eventually bought Castle Films, and would become part of the newly formed Universal-International Television.

Logo (195?-1960)

Visuals: On a cloudy background, there are two globes, one showing the part of Oceania, Russia and Japan, and the other showing America, being United World Films, Inc. conjoined. The words "UNITED WORLD" in a Times-like font, is seen. Under it "FILMS, INC." is seen in the same typography. The word "presents" is seen in a script font.

Technique: Probably a still filmed painting.

Audio: Either the opening theme or a theme from plastering the Universal logo.

Availability: This was seen on 16mm movie reels of their licensed films to distribute, such as some Abbott & Costello shorts. Some of their produced films have the Castle Films logo replacing this one.
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