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Scotti Bros. Pictures was a motion picture company founded by Ben and Tony Scotti, as a subsidiary of Scotti Bros. Records (now folded into Volcano Entertainment, a Sony label). It was founded in 1985 when the brothers purchased distributor Pickman Film Corporation from founder Jerry Pickman. It later became a subsidiary of All American Communications. The movie library was soon acquired by Epic Productions and incorporated into its Omega library; it now rests with MGM under its Orion Pictures subsidiary when they brought the pre-1996 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment library back in 1999.

Logo (April 30, 1986-June 1, 1991)

Visuals: On a black starry space background (with the stars moving) is the planet Earth below. Everything is dark. An orange flash appears behind the planet, then the words "SCOTTI BROS." in orange and arched eases in and rises up. Above "SCOTTI BROS." is an arched line, also orange. Below that is a silver line with "PICTURES" inside. When it gets to its comfortable position, the logo shines.

Technique: Digital ink-and-paint animation, with the stars animated with computer animation.

Audio: A majestic, yet dramatic synthesized tune with a whoosh sound when the flash appears on the earth. Sometimes, it is silent or has the film's opening music playing over it.

Availability: The full version is retained on Eye of the Tiger, and Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives, both preceded by the 2001 MGM logo. A short version that starts with the earth flashing is seen on The Iron Triangle (again, preceded by an MGM lion). It is unknown whether it appeared on The Resurrected (the company's final film), as several older prints do not have any logo.

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