Lin Bolen Productions

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Logo (October 4-December 31, 1976)

Visuals: On a blue background, a 2D drawing of a dove with many outlines behind it, giving the illusion it's fluttering, moves to the right, vibrating as it goes. It leaves behind a series of lines which converge into the words "Lin Bolen" in a cursive font you might have seen on cars of the 1950s (or even grocery stores). "Lin Bolen" drops down a bit, and the dove rotates to face the left. "A" and "PRODUCTION" then zoom out quickly, and the dove vibrates a little bit, then we quickly fade out. A copyright date stays on screen throughout.

Technique: Scanimate.

Audio: A downward Moog synthesizer jingle.

Availability: It appeared on the 1976 NBC game show Stumpers!

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