Angel City Factory

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Angel City Factory was the second production company of former Rocket Science Laboratories founders Chris Cowan and Jean-Michel Michenaud, and owned by the Banijay Group, founded in 2009 after Rocket Science Laboratories filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and was liquidated. The company went defunct on May 23, 2012 when Cowan joined BermanBraun and Michenaud left the company.

1st Logo (March 31-September 29, 2011)

Visuals: Inside a rectangle, a woman makes a "shh" gesture while holding a red rod with a circular end. She is resting over a gray gear, with some other gears in the background. Below the square is "ANGEL CITY FACTORY" with "NGEL CIT" under a red line. The logo casts shadows. In the corner is the Banijay byline of the time.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen on Mobbed and Home Takeover with Simon & Tomas.

2nd Logo (November 23, 2011-January 10, 2013)

Visuals: Same as the Banijay logo, but tinted in black and has the company name and the Banijay byline replace "Banijay Group".

Technique: Same as the Banijay logo.

Audio: A super high pitched and warp speed version of the regular Banijay music.

Availability: Can be seen on newer episodes of Mobbed.

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