Reality TV Originals

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Logo (unknown timespan)

Visuals: Over a blue tunnel-like background is parts of the Reality TV logo rapidly zoom out from out of nowhere and on the center of the screen. The logo consists of a metal yellow diamond-shaped sign (like a Danger Zone or Construction Ahead sign on the street) with "REALITY TV" on it, in a big, bold font in black. As it settles into place, a lightning bolt shape appears at the upper-right part of the sign.

Technique: The logo flying into place and the lightning bolt appearing. The background also has some kind of moving lens flare effect. [possible misuse]

Audio: No music, just three jail door slamming sounds and an electrocution-type sound. There's also a rising whoosh in the background.

Availability: Usually appears at the end of Reality TV shows such as Crime Strike.

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