Kayro-UTV Productions

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Kayro Productions


Kayro Productions was ran by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.

Logo (1961-1964?)

Visuals: Essentially, it consists of the text "Kayro" above "Productions". Both are in a typewriter font, but the "K" is massively oversized compared to the rest of the text. The logo is often paired with the Revue Studios logo.

Technique: 2D cel animation or still printed image.

Audio: Either the closing theme of the show or the Revue theme.

Availability: Can be found on most Revue produced shows. A standalone version was seen on Calvin and the Colonel.

Kayro-Vue Productions


Kayro-Vue Productions was formed in 1964 as a joint venture between Kayro Productions and Revue Studios.

Logo (September 24, 1964-May 12, 1966)

Visuals: Over a cloudy gray background, the logo starts with the text:


in a typewriter-like font. Then it fades to the Universal "Zooming Globe" logo without the MCA byline.

Technique: A cel graphic.

Audio: The 1960 short Revue Studios and 1965 Universal Television fanfares respectively.

Availability: Last seen on all episodes of The Munsters on WGN America and also on the short-lived show Karen.

Final Note: After Revue Studios was reincorporated as Universal Television in 1962, the name "Revue" was kept as an in-name-only unit for the two short-lived series The Munsters and Karen. In 1966, Revue became UTV.

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