The International Picture Show Company

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The International Picture Show Company was founded by independent film producer Lloyd N. Adams Jr. in 1977, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company primarily produced/distributed documentaries and independent films, with the exception of two movies starring Tim Conway, The Billion Dollar Hobo and They Went That-a-Way and That-a-Way, both which are currently owned by The Samuel Goldwyn Company. The company closed down in 1981 and it's currently unknown who has the rights to the other catalog titles.

Logo (September 2, 1977-1980)

Visuals: On a light gray background, there is an animated drawing of a old-style movie projector. A well-dressed, funny-looking man, complete with hat, appears and begins to load up a couple film reels onto the projector, which soon spools out piles of film uncontrollably. The man can be seen panicking, falling down and throwing a metal filmreel box away as film reel is still spoiling out. Soon he pulls out a pair of scissors and trims up parts of the film that eventually forms the stylized letters "TIPS". Afterward the man, with a rather weary look on his face, looks at the viewer as the camera zooms up past him and stops at the front of the logo. The text "THE INTERNATIONAL PICTURE SHOW COMPANY" fade in below as the screen fades to gold.

Variant: On They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way, the logo fades out but cuts to a yellow screen with the black text "LLOYD N. ADAMS JR. presents".

Technique: 2D cartoon animation.

Audio: Had old-style jazz music played on piano,percussion and a saxello mixed with sound effects of the reels and the spooling film, which eventually changes to a 70's funky fanfare w/ tubas,drums and a brass section. The music is actually library music and was used for Movie Theater advertisements, although They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way had absolutely no music, probably to make room for the distributor credit explained above. The original VHS release of The Billion Dollar Hobo had its music PAL-tweaked.

Availability: Appeared on films from the era from the company. So far, it only appears on the 2 Tim Conway movies on the DVD releases issued by MGM, both are now out of print.
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