Helltimate Studio

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Helltimate Studio was a Canadian producer of horror films.

Logo (November 6, 1999-2007?)

Visuals: The screen fades in to see a homemade video shot in a garage, showing a deranged-looking man with long dark brown hair and a goatee, who is wearing zombie makeup and a white tank top, and is wielding an axe. He licks the axe, and says "I like licking things!", and then (alongside some other people in the background) laughs. He growls dramatically as the camera pans out to an old CRT TV displaying static. A few seconds later, the text "HELLTIMATE" with "STUDIO" and a skull with fangs and four horns fades superimposed onto the TV. The man continues to growl before smashing the TV with the axe. After a piece of glass breaks off the set, we suddenly cut to black as the logo displayed on the TV appears with an old projector effect on it.

Technique: Live-action for most of the logo. The ending sequence uses computer effects.

Audio: The man saying his dialogue accompanied by the sounds of the ambiance/action. When we cut to black, a guitar chord is held with a creepy ticking in the background plays.

Availability: Seen on the company's movies, like their first film Urban Flesh.

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