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Embassy Row is an American television, global-based format, and digital production company based in New York City, that was founded on May 12, 2005 by British television producer Michael Davies, entertainment marketer Tera Hanks, and filmmaker and former LivePlanet CEO Chris Moore. Davies' production company at the time, Diplomatic Productions was immediately folded into Embassy Row. In January 2006, Embassy Row joined forces with Sony Pictures Television for a 3-year contract deal until SPT acquired the company on January 14, 2009.

Embassy Row is not to be confused with Embassy Communications (formerly T.A.T. Communications Company and Embassy Television, now "ELP Communications"), another television company that's currently owned by Sony Pictures.

1st Logo (August 14, 2005-2012, 2017)

Visuals: On a dimly-lit white background, there is an orange line with a light tip at the front flying in from the left to the center of the screen. The light gets a little brighter and the rest of the line merges into the light to make a curve and half of the letter "R". Growing out from the other half of the "R" is half of the letter "E" with a diagonal line in between them. The entire logo zooms in while animating and "EMBASSY ROW" fades in and zooms in at the same time. The light travels down the "R", through the name, and halfway up to the letter "E".


  • Starting on season 2 of The Newlywed Game on GSN, the logo appears in-credit, leaving the background intact.
  • On Watch What Happens: Live, the entire logo is red, still, and on a white background.
  • There is a sped-up version on The Substitute and the 6th season of Watch What Happens: Live.
  • Starting on the 6th season of Watch What Happens: Live, the logo appears a little close-up.
  • Some shows use a warp-speed version.

Technique: Computer animation. None for the still shot.

Audio: The end-title of the theme of the show, the generic network theme or none. For the standard logo, it's an ambient synth theme.

Audio Variants:

  • On the 2006 revival of Chain Reaction, a descending whoosh is heard.
  • On The Substitute, the logo theme is sped-up and played in a different tone.


  • It was seen on the 2009 revival of The Newlywed Game, the 2006 revival of Chain Reaction, and the game show Power of 10, all on Game Show Network with the former on BounceTV starting on season 4 of The Newlywed Game, The Substitute on MTV, Talking Dead on AMC, and Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo.
  • It was also seen on the series Make My Day on TV Land, the Hidden Agenda on GSN, and Keith Barry: Extraordinary, among others.
  • The still logo was seen on seasons 1-5 of Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo, and the ABC game show My Kind of Town.

2nd Logo (June 2012?-)

Visuals: On a somewhat dim white background, two copies of a shiny red "ER" logo spin around rapidly like a propeller, all while zooming out. After stopping in the middle of the screen, one copy disappears and a large light flashes in below the other. When it dies down, it reveals the words "EMBASSY ROW", and they and the logo shine.


  • The logo appears in-credit on The Newlywed Game, The Pyramid, and season 2 of The American Bible Challenge.
  • A flat, 2D variant appears in-credit on OWN Tonight.
  • On the Oxygen show Street Art Showdown, the logo is shortened to a second, only having the light die down.
  • Productions involving Jerry Seinfeld (produced by his company, Columbus 81 Productions), like Jerry Before Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, use a low-budget remake of the logo. Here, the movements of the "ER" are stiffer, the "ER" appears to have less polygons and more shiny edges, the background appears to be a bright spotlight on a black wall, and the flash is also less fancy. The logo was "enhanced" in 2020 by having a darker background, a richer color for the logo, and the flash reworked so that it appears in the middle first.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A different ambient synth theme.

Audio Variants:

  • Sometimes, the music from the previous logo is used.
  • Otherwise, it's the end-title theme of the show, the generic network theme or none.
  • On Street Art Showdown, it has the beginning of the 2002 SPT theme before going to said logo.


  • It can be seen on The American Bible Challenge, The Pyramid, the final season of The Newlywed Game on Game Show Network with the former and latter on BounceTV, season 2 of Talking Dead on AMC, and Watch What Happens: Live and Fashion Queens on Bravo, among other shows.
  • Also seen on the 2nd season of Kathy, My Brother, My Brother and Me, the 2020 revival of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, and Unapologetic with Aisha Tyler.
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