Banijay Studios North America

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Banijay Studios North America is a television production company that was formed by David Goldberg and Caroline Baumgard in 2014.

Logo (2017-)

Visuals: Same as the 2011-2021 Banijay Group logo of that time, except below it reads "Banijay Studios North America" with the byline underneath reading "We are Banijay" also in red just like the logo.


  • There is an early version where the logo is brighter red and the text below reads "Banijay Studios N.A.".
  • A still version of the early variant appears on What Happens at the Abbey with the byline reading "A Banijay Group Company" below it.
  • On the 2019 reboot of Temptation Island, the logo is in-credited.
  • On Don't, the logo is sped-up.

Technique: Same as the Banijay Group logo.

Audio: Same as the Banijay Group logo.

Availability: Seen on Child Support, Teyana & Iman, The Secret Life of Kids, Don't and the 2019 revivals of Temptation Island and Wife Swap USA. The early variant appears on Big Fan and What Happens at the Abbey. When Banijay changed its logo in 2020, this logo's days are numbered.

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