Marble Arch Productions

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Marble Arch Productions was the American production unit of the British production company ITC Entertainment. In 1982, Marble Arch was rebranded as ITC Productions.

Logo (March 5, 1979-December 27, 1982)

Visuals: On a blue background, a white outline of an arch zooms out into the center of the screen, leaving light trails behind it. After the arch moves into its final position, and the trails catch up to the final point, it solidifies, and the words "Marble Arch Productions" appear under the figure.


  • A version with a tan arch on a black background also exists.
  • Another version has the arch in 2D, and it leaves no light trails behind it.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: The ending theme of the movie.


  • Seen on TV movies and sitcoms produced by Marble Arch, including The Two of Us, Maggie, and the 1980 CBS adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities.
  • It also appears at the end of an RTP Play streaming print of the 1979 TV movie Sanctuary of Fear, which is then followed by the 1999 Carlton International logo.
  • It also appears at the end of the Father Brown Complete Series DVD set of the aforementioned TV movie from Via Vision Entertainment, which is then followed by the 1987 ITC Entertainment "Gold Diamonds" logo.
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