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Requests for Permissions


Welcome! If you are considering requesting to become either a moderator or an administrator, you must read the Note below. Please see the Instructions section for guidance on how to request.

Note to Requesters

It is best to learn the ins and outs of being part of site staff, as it will be a big responsibility. So before you continue, please read the entirety of the AVID:Site Staff page, and take note of what we expect from a staff member.


The Moderator role allows users to help out the Admins and Bureaucrats by gaining slightly elevated powers to help keep the Wiki clean and free from vandals, without the power to enact major changes to the Wiki. It is also a first step and learning experience with the Wiki's staff team for users who wish to become Admin or Bureaucrat in the future.

What are the requirements?

  • You must have at least 250 edits and they must be in good faith. (Edits prior to May 2020 on the former CLG Wiki website are counted towards this threshold)
    • In addition, these edits must not be filler/useless (i.e. overly minor changes to text that are not needed, continually editing your user page and not contributing to mainspace articles). Do not pad your edit count just to meet this criteria.
  • You must not have been strongly warned within the last 3 months or tempblocked within the last 6 months.
  • You should show a keen interest in the site and willingness to get involved with the community.
  • You should show evidence of helping out the Admin team in the past. This includes reporting users and alerting Admins, but it does not require you to have done any rollbacks in the past.
    • Actions users have taken on the Wiki's official Discord server will also be taken into account when considering users for Moderator.

I have the commitment needed for Admin. Can I skip Moderator and jump straight to Admin?


Administrators work to maintain AVID and keep it running. Administrators have a lot of power, and thereby have significant responsibility. They should use their powers to combat vandalism/spam, and keep the wiki running in an orderly manner.

I know I can handle being an administrator. What are the requirements to becoming one?
While bureaucrats do have some flexibility in deciding who becomes an administrator, there are a set of base guidelines that they look for in reviewing requests:

  • User must have registered their account 1 year ago. In addition, you must have at least 1,000 or more edits. (once again, edits from the former CLG Wiki are included)
  • User should not currently be disruptive to the wiki, intentionally or not.
  • User has not previously requested for adminship within the past 3 months.
  • User has proven knowledge of AVID and its site rules. This means that they follow editing guidelines, they fix and improve pages, they upload high quality logos and follow copyright rules, etc.
  • User is active in fighting vandalism, sockpuppetry, and policy-breakers. This means that their editing history provides evidence of assisting administrators (i.e. editing talk pages of admins to alert them of destructive users), reporting users, and undoing/rolling back poor or nonconstructive edits.

I satisfy (or mostly satisfy) all of the above requirements. What now?
Remember that when you become an administrator, you are expected to increase in activity and effectiveness. If you are granted adminship, you are expected to edit often and use your powers responsibly. You are expected to continue doing all of the above and more. This includes approving and/or rejecting edits on the moderation queue, responding to user reports, responding to messages or questions on your talk page, monitoring the recent changes, participating in wiki discussions, maintaining the front/AVID/MediaWiki pages, and constructively utilizing administrator abilities. If your request is approved and you are caught abusing your powers, bureaucrats reserve the right to remove your rights and punish you accordingly.

I am prepared to do everything you just listed and more.
If you truly believe you are a fit to become an administrator, then we wish you luck! Be aware of how the requesting process works. This is a voting process. All users are permitted to vote, whether or not they are an administrator. They will either support, oppose, or comment. After a request is published, AVID editors have a maximum of one month to vote, although closure can occur earlier at the original author's request or if consensus one way or the other is overwhelming (SNOW). After one month is up, should none of the early closure exceptions apply, a bureaucrat will review the votes and make a decision. If more than one month has passed and a bureaucrat has not responded to a request, feel free to notify a bureaucrat on their talk page or via Discord. You are not permitted whatsoever to edit in the support or oppose sections after the maximum voting period has passed. You may add or reply to comments, but you may not modify or remove others' comments. If you are caught trying to influence editors to vote or change their vote, your request will be disqualified. Cheating, incivility, and harassment is prohibited. The Instructions section below will guide you on how to publish a request.


If you are an administrator who would like bureaucracy, contact a bureaucrat on their talk page or Discord.

Instructions for Requesting

Please ensure you have read the above section. Anyone requesting must have a valid reason to why they should be promoted, and understand how to use the abilities. Use the code below to request. Fill in each parameter with what is specified (except the "Request" and "~~~~" part, leave that alone). Remember that these abilities are not given out freely or carelessly, and that they are not for fun. If your request is ignored or rejected, do not feel bad. Take the voters' advice and begin to work harder so you can request again in the future.

Code for Requesters:

{{Request|Username|Reason as to why you should be a moderator/administrator|~~~~}}


When typing:

The following would appear:


talk · contribs · editcount · logs · block log · rights log





Instructions for Voting

All users are able to vote, but may only vote once per request. Please note that if a request has already been approved/rejected by a bureaucrat, you are no longer able to vote. In the Support section, users should sign if they think that the user has earned the abilities. In the Oppose section, users should sign if they disagree with the user being promoted. In the Comments section, users may add their opinion or questions as to why or why not the user should/nt be promoted.

Users vote using either of the following templates:
{{Support}} You make a good fit. ~~~~
Support You make a good fit. [signature]

{{Oppose}} You make a bad fit. ~~~~
Oppose You make a bad fit. [signature]


So do you think you are fit for the staff team? If so, then go ahead and make a request in any of the three sections below.





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