White Eagle Enterprises

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White Eagle Enterprises, Inc. was the production company of actor/writer/director Sylvester Stallone, formed in 1986. That year, he signed a ten-picture domestic theatrical distribution deal with United Artists and another deal with Carolco Pictures for foreign territories, later worldwide TV and home video rights. In 1989, Stallone transferred UA's duties to Tri-Star Pictures. Only one film came out of that deal: Lock Up. In an 1990 Los Angeles Times interview, Stallone stated that White Eagle was absorbed into Carolco. By 1995, Stallone owned an interest in Yardville National Bancorp in New Jersey under the "White Eagle" name; he would go on to form another production company, Balboa Productions, years after the demise of White Eagle.

Logo (August 4, 1989)

Visuals: On a black background, a bunch of blue-lighted cracks appear through the screen, forming an eagle figure. The eagle shines and the name "W H I T E E A G L E" appears letter-by-letter from the light below. The rays then brighten up and rapidly dissipates afterwards just to reveal the entire logo.

Technique: A mix of traditional animation and computer effects.

Audio: Various "whoosh" and shockwave-like sounds ending with an orchestral sting.

Availability: This only appears on Lock Up.

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