Miracle Films

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Miracle Films was an adult film production and distribution company founded by Stu Segall (otherwise known for Stu Segall Productions). Through this company, Segall, under the name "Godfrey Daniels", directed and produced the pornographic movie Insatiable, which was the top-selling adult video in the U.S. from 1980 to 1982.

Logo (May 23, 1980-April 25, 1984)

Visuals: Over a black background is "miracle films" in clear with a shiny blue outline, zooming out. After it stops zooming, it fills with blue via a "wiping" effect. Then the text underneath, "IF IT'S A GOOD FILM...IT'S A miracle!" appear in a "wiping" effect for "IF IT'S A GOOD FILM...IT'S A" and a flash effect for "miracle!". "IF IT'S A GOOD FILM...IT'S A" is in the Helvetica font, and "miracle" is in the same font as "miracle films".

Technique: Backlit animation.

Audio: Starts out with a wind-like sound, then an ominous descending synth, then a series of ascending video game-like sounds when "IF IT'S A GOOD FILM...IT'S A" wipes in, then a synth ping when "miracle!" flashes in, and finally a series of bell-like sounds. Sometimes, the wind chime sounds fade out afterwards.

Availability: This logo appeared on Insatiable and Insatiable 2, both starring Marilyn Chambers.

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