Felix the Cat Productions

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Logo (September 16, 1995-April 12, 1997; 2006)

Visuals: Over a white background, the logo starts with Felix the Cat in a abstract TV screen, with a turquoise screen and a yellow border and buttons. A burst of pink and blue sparkles appears underneath the logo, having the red text "FELIX THE CAT PRODUCTIONS, INC." appear via a squash-and-stretch motion, with the former 3 being in a cartoony serif font and the latter part in a Cooper Black-like font. During this, Felix pulls his arm out of the tube and poses it in a "presenting" manner, as well as winking at the camera. He then blinks once.

Variant: On Baby Felix And Friends, the logo cuts to the text appearing. The logo is also notable in a lower quality.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: A soft harp tune that ascends in pitch, with sparkles and a "stretch" noise for the text appearing, and a piano note for Felix blinking. A "plink" is heard when he blinks.

Audio Variant: On Baby Felix And Friends, it's the ending theme of the show.


  • It was seen on The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat as well as the English dub of the obscure anime Baby Felix And Friends.
  • It can also can be found on DVD releases of both shows, as well as on Peacock (which does not include episode 63 for some reason).
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