Bad Hombre

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Bad Hombre is a movie company and the joint venture of Good Universe. In partnership with the company, it was launched by Fede Álvarez on February 6, 2017 to focus on horror and sci-fi movies.

Logo (August 13, 2021-)

Visuals: On a black background, there is animated white streaks of paint, each drawn forming to make the logo, in each split scene is the paint streaks making the finished product. Then, it finishes off with a red streak of paint, drawing straight in a line between the human's face (or "eyes"). And lastly, there are the words "BAD HOMBRE" in a customized font in white text, while each letter draw themselves. Then, it fades to black.

Technique: Oil-painted animation.

Audio: Loud wind whooshes, along with a ringing beep that goes on until the logo fades to black.

Audio Variant: On the 2021 iteration of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (or just Texas Chainsaw Massacre), it plays the opening theme.

Availability: The company didn't make movies until 2021. After the date on the logo's first appearance, as seen on Don't Breathe 2, it can be seen on the Netflix horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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