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This is the production company of Christopher Lloyd (who also owns Picador Productions) and Steven Levitan (who also owns Steven Levitan Productions), founded in 2006 with a multi-year deal at 20th Century Fox Television.

Logo (September 23, 2009-May 23, 2012)

Visuals: A record is playing on a turntable, with a pink label encircled by a series of black-and-white photos of people. In the middle, on a lighter shade of pink, are "LLOYD" and "LEVITAN" and colored musical notes. The turntable's needle moves down the vinyl till it is by the label, at the end of the logo.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: The sound of record hisses and pops.

Audio Variants:

  • On the episode "Fizbo", Haley Dunphy (portrayed by Sarah Hyland) is heard screaming, tying with the credits scene.
  • On the episode "All Night Long", Phil Dunphy (portrayed by Ty Burrell) says "Are you kidding me?".
  • On the episode "When Good Kids Go Bad", Claire Dunphy (portrayed by Julie Bowen) saying "Wait for me, wait for me.", followed by the footstep sounds.

Availability: Seen on the first three seasons of Modern Family on ABC.

Picture Day Productions
Picador Productions
Steven Levitan Productions
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