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Optimum Releasing was a theatrical and home entertainment distributor, founded in 1999 and currently owned by StudioCanal. Since 2006, the company operates as a StudioCanal's releasing subsidiary in the UK. Optimum became one of the most prolific distributors in the region since the collapse of Tartan Films in 2008. In 2011 StudioCanal rebranded Optimum Releasing under the StudioCanal brand (called StudioCanal UK)

Optimum Releasing is also known for being the distributor of Studio Ghibli titles in the United Kingdom & Ireland.

1st (known) Logo (2000's-2010)

Visuals: There is a galaxy-looking figure and a text OPTIMUM RELEASING, aligned to the right. Immediately the picture collapses into a pack of coloured lines, which move horizontally and reveal the name in various styles. Then the figure appears again.


  • On both the UK and Australian Blu-rays of Ponyo, the logo can be seen if you select ‘UK’ on the country selection screen along with a preview reel of other Studio Ghibli films. If you select ‘Australia’, it will play the Madman Entertainment logo and then takes you straight to the menu.
  • This logo can be seen twice on the UK DVD of Spirited Away, one before the menu and one after the language selection (after you press ‘PLAY MOVIE’ from the menu).

Technique: CGI.

Audio: An extract of "Goodnight Vienna" by British electronic group LFO.

Availability: Appeared on many theatrical releases, and began to appear as a de-facto home video logo after the company founded their home entertainment subsidiary.

  • Its first appearance was likely on Optimum's first theaterical release, a restored print of The Third Man, while the last movie to feature it was the theatrical release of Four Lions.
  • Most Optimum DVDs/Blu-rays have a high-quality digital version of this logo, but some DVDs/Blu-rays use a 35mm transfer with more washed-out colors.
  • It appears on all Studio Ghibli DVDs released in the United Kingdom, with Ocean Waves and Ponyo being the last releases with it (they are retained on all DVD releases of these respective movies, while the remaining Blu-Rays use the next logo or the StudioCanal logo). It also appears on the Blu-ray release of the latter.

2nd (known) Logo (2010-September 2011)

Visuals: Many light traces come from every direction and join into a galaxy-like figure, which looks silvery in a second. The logo appears like before, but now centred, and the StudioCanal byline in the original font expands below.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A windy synth.

Availability: It was seen on newest movies released in the UK, but it was short-lived, as in September 2011 StudioCanal retired the brand for all further releases.

  • This logo appeared on Brighton Rock internationally, as Optimum did a work of production in it.
  • Also appears on the Blu-ray versions of three Studio Ghibli movies in the United Kingdom: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky and My Neighbours the Yamadas.
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