Interbang Inc.

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This is Jeff Martin and Kevin Curran's vanity card.

Logo (January 3-November 4, 1994)

Visuals: In a purple room, there is a clay object to the left. "INTERBANG, INC.", in the Dom Casual font, is next to the object. A light shines on the object.

Variant: On The Good Life, the room is sky blue and the text is black.

Technique: Live action.

Audio: A short piano tune combined with some chimes. Composed by Jonathan Wolff.

Audio Trivia: Coincidentally, Wass-Stein went on to use the same theme in their logo, six years after this logo debuted. While the two companies have no relation outside of working with Touchstone Television, they both primarily produce shows with scores composed by Jonathan Wolff.

Availability: Seen on The Good Life (no relation to the BBC show) and Hardball (no relation to the MSNBC show).

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