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Vestron Television was the television distribution/production division of Vestron Video. Kinnevik Media Properties Ltd., which later became Modern Entertainment and was absorbed into Lionsgate Films, started syndicating Vestron's library in the early-to-mid 1990s after Vestron Television folded, Although some Vestron Pictures/Video titles were later syndicated by Worldvision Enterprises, and later Paramount Television, due to Live Home Video distributing these titles on VHS.

Logo (1987-1992)

Visuals: On a black background, a small red sphere zooms into view. Zooming towards the sphere are several silver lines, forming a silver "V/Triangle" on the sphere. The sphere settles near the top of the screen and flattens into a circle. Zooming in below it are the words "VESTRON TELEVISION" in a modified Iconian Fonts' Tigershark font.

Variant: A shortened version exists where it fades in when the lines on the circle appear.

Technique: CGI. The logo was animated and designed by Jan Carlee, Christine Chang, and Ken Pelin (among others) at R/Greenberg Associates. All three were previously a part of the special effects team for the original TRON movie.

Audio: There are many variants:

  • Usually, it used a synth brass fanfare. Like the Vestron Pictures jingle, Roger Bellon composed the logo.
    • The short version has this abridged and rearranged.
  • In some cases, it used the regular tune from the Vestron Pictures logo.
  • On the series Dirty Dancing, it used the closing theme of the show.


  • It was seen on the Dirty Dancing TV series.
  • It was also last seen on a print of Steel Dawn, which was found on Lionsgate Movies' YouTube channel.
  • A sped-up variant was found at the end of a syndie/premium cable print of Earth Girls Are Easy on Showtime as of 2008, but the logo has been omitted on recent airings due to using newer widescreen masters.
    • This variant has also been spotted at the end of the Artisan DVD release of Cat Chaser, using (presumably) a premium cable master.
  • Appears on the Timeless Media Group Blu-ray release of Howling III: The Marsupials, an Avid Home Entertainment re-issue (and Vidmark streaming print) of Party Plane (However, it is unknown if the regular Vestron Video VHS retains this), FEARnet airings of The Gate, old TNT prints of Ghoulies, Slaughter High, The Wraith, Ghoulies II, an old Prism airing of the 1976 film Birch Interval (which was not released on video by Vestron), an October 2003 Sci-Fi Channel airing of Re-Animator, a ThisTV print of Frightmare, an old Movie Channel airing of Call Me (1988), and the beginning of Amazon Prime's print of Arnold Palmer: Course Strategy, among others.
  • It also appears on Dirty Dancing Live in Concert on VHS and at the end of Tubi TV's print of Waxwork. It also makes a surprise appearance on the DVD of You Can't Hurry Love (Released as a double feature with Love Hurts) with the Lightning Pictures logo appearing after it.
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