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RCV (stands for Recorded Cinematographic Variety) was a film distribution and home video company created in 1978. In 2008, it was acquired by E1 Entertainment (now Entertainment One) and renamed into Entertainment One Benelux the following year, which then dispersed its influence into the Netherlands and Belgium territory. However, it was later sold to investors in 2019 and was renamed to WW Entertainment.

Logo (1998-2009)

Visuals: On a moving purple space background, three golden circles swirl with the text "RCV" in the center, formed by the merger of four duplicates. As the word merges, it shines blue and the camera moves to straight view. The circles also shrink and fold into an oval.

Variant: On the film N Beetje Verliefd, the logo takes place in a museum frame on a black background.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic fanfare, followed by a cymbal crash, when the text is merging, and then drums when the circle turns into an oval.

Availability: Appears on VHS, DVD and early Blu-ray releases in the Netherlands and Belgium, such as N Beetje Verliefd.

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