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Gold Key Media was the barter division of Gold Key Entertainment that was established on January 10, 1980 to handle first-run syndicated series such as America's Top 10 until the series switched to All American Television.

1st Logo (June 6, 1980-September 1981)

Visuals: On a blue screen, the words "DISTRIBUTED BY" in a small serif font, as well as "GOLD KEY MEDIA" below it in a larger font, pan in from the left of the screen. A scarlet red bar then wipes in from the left and highlights the "GOLD KEY MEDIA" text.


  • Starting in 1981, the logo would appear as an in-credit logo.
  • Sometimes, the bar is in a solid gold color rather than scarlet red.

Technique: Mostly made of chyron and video maker effects.

Audio: Music from any given soundtrack.

Availability: The only known appearance of this logo is from the first season of America's Top 10 hosted by Casey Kasem, which has not been reran anywhere.

2nd Logo (October 1981-1982)

Visuals: On a black background, the golden letters "GKM" appear and shine. Below, flashes of light bring forth the words "GOLD KEY MEDIA" letter-by-letter in a Century Gothic typeface. "Distributed By" fades in above everything else. The "GKM" logo shines once again before the logo fades out.

Trivia: Their slogan was "First-run sponsored programming".


  • A shorter version of this logo appeared on America's Top 10 that starts right before "GOLD KEY MEDIA" flashes in. This version is also superimposed by keying the black background out.
  • Same as the last logo, this logo would appear (awkwardly) in-credit.
  • This would have the byline "A Division of the Vidtronics Company, Inc.".

Technique: Standard lighting effects of the early '80s, mixed with camera-controlled effects.

Audio: Music from any given soundtrack.

Availability: It appeared on season two of America's Top 10, as well as some other music related programs from Scotti Brothers-Syd Vinnedge Television. They also distributed Encore News and Portrait of a Legend.

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