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NewVision is an Australian documentary, foreign film and arthouse distributor. It started in 1982 by Frank Cox as a distributor of said genre of films but expanded to feature film production. Frank Cox then founded Hopscotch Films in 2002 for similar purposes, putting this company in dormancy. In 2013, when Hopscotch was absorbed into Entertainment One, he rebooted the company.

1st Logo (1984-1990s)

Visuals: On a space background, a white marquee swings into view, consisting of a triangle with "wings" on its sides along with several bordering lines. Inside it is the text "NEWVISION" in a wide font with the "V" being much larger than the rest. As the background zooms in (with a planet briefly seen in the bottom left corner), "A FRANK COX" and "RELEASE" flip in, resting above and below the logo respectively as it fills with school bus yellow. The text then turns school bus yellow as the logo flashes several times.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Audio: A long whoosh plays throughout, and a ascending xylophone then plays.

Availability: Seen on a 1984 VHS release of Pink Flamingos.

2nd Logo (1990s)

Visuals: On a dark blue background, the current NewVision logo is seen. It consists of "NEWVISION" in a Futura-like font, with a butterfly surrounding "ISI" that turns them into a cote-out and gives dots to the I's. A white line draws on the bottom of the screen, writing "presents" in Misteral that shines for a bit.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: A ominous choir first is heard, followed by a beeping sound then ending with a 9-note synth trumpet tune, with the 1st note being held out.

Availability: Seen on several art house and foreign films distributed by the company, like Nirvana Street Murder and Only The Brave.

3rd Logo (1990s-2002)

Visuals: On a teal marble background, the NewVision logo is seen with a shadow effect. Below, there is "Presents" in Arial and also with a shadow effect.

Technique: A still image.

Audio: None.

Availability: It could be seen on Australian prints of Black & White and Walk The Talk.

4th Logo (2013-)

Visuals: An HD remake of the 2nd logo. On a dark blue background, the NewVision logo wipes in. Below it, a white line slowly wipes in below. Reaching towards the end, "presents" wipes in and flashes, and the line finishes drawing.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: Same as the 2nd logo, but remastered and in a higher pitch.

Availability: Seen on the Australian release of We Are The Best!.