Castaway Television Productions

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This is Charlie Parsons, Lord Waheed Alli and Bob Geldof's production company, founded in 2000 after they sold Planet 24 to Carlton Communications. In July 2017, Banijay Group acquired the company.

Logo (May 31, 2000-)

Visuals: On a brown cardboard-like background with several scratches, there are the words


in a Day 24 font. A slight shadow of fire can be seen in the background. After a few seconds, the logo cuts to the Survivor Productions, LLC logo.

Variant: Starting with Survivor: Gabon, as the show began broadcasting in HD with that season, a slightly different background is used. Notably, the scratches are removed.

Technique: 2D CGI by Telezign.

Audio: A tune performed on a didgeridoo, with bongo drumbeats.

Availability: Seen on Survivor.

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