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GoldenVision was the general entertainment division of Golden Book Video formed in 1987 while the company's output was still generally adaptations of the company's books. In 1991, the division was abandoned when Golden Book Video moved most of its general entertainment output into its parent division.

Logo (1987-1991)

Visuals: There is the end part of the Golden Book Video logo, where it shines all over. Suddenly, the logo zooms out, and the screen zooms out through a giant outlined “V” over an orange rectangle, on its side. It rotates into place, and “Golden” zooms out, then “Vision” (with a “V” that’s bigger than the other letters), and you see the sides of the words as they zoom out, but they then turn into place. Once the two words settle onto the rectangle, the rectangle produces a yellow flash around the edges. The words shine twice, then the rectangle’s edges flash yellow again.

Closing Variant: In most cases, an end variant was used which just showed the fully-formed logo shining.

Technique: CGI mixed with 2D animation.

Audio: An abridged 4-note version of the 1986 GBV theme is heard at the beginning of the logo, which transforms into a whoosh when we go to the GoldenVision logo, and crescends into a synthesizer tune, which sounds like something on a light rock station (or a 16-bit Sega Genesis system or MIDI file). The end version is silent.

Availability: Can be found on some GBV "GoldenVision" tapes, such as Dinosaurs: A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time and the original Schoolhouse Rock VHS releases (co-released by ABC Video.) Many of them have a print version of this logo, while some just use the regular Golden Book Video print logo.

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