Blackwatch Releasing Inc.

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Blackwatch Releasing was a Canadian film and video company, headquartered in Montreal. It was initially named Blackwatch Communications, but they later changed their name in 1999 after expanding from film production to distribution. In 2001, the company filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations, with its film library going to TH!NKFilm.

Logo (August 14, 1998-November 20, 2001)

Visuals: At thunderstorm in the mountains, the camera rotates to show the sunset and the weather becomes clear. A bagpipe player is seen on one of the mountains. The sunset lights up the bagpipe player as it becomes a box and "Blackwatch" slides out with a light behind it. "RELEASING INC." then appears below it.

Trivia: This logo was designed and animated by Gregory Roy.

Variant: Earlier releases have "COMMUNICATIONS INC." below "Blackwatch" instead.

Technique: Appears to be CGI, but at least some parts were animated using a 16mm/35mm Oxberry animation stand.[1]

Audio: A well-orchestrated bagpipe theme with drums, punctuated with the orchestral hit.

Availability: Seen on films from this company such as Captive, Artificial Lies and Dead Silent.