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Since 1999, Moskito Television has been at the forefront of the independent television production in Finland. They produce creative TV programming and audiovisual content for all platforms. Their output covers more than 30 series per year in all main genres, from entertainment to drama, from factual to sports. Moskito Television has won the prestigious Prix Europa award for the drama series Pioneer, plus numerous awards in Finland, including the best TV-series, the best comedy series & the best script, to name a few. Their formats like the factual shows Politically Incorrect!, entertainment reality series Not Born To Rock and drama series Easy Living all have been optioned for production internationally. With investments in commercial films production and facilities, Moskito Group is the market leader in Finland. "Together with our Scandinavian partners we are nice, an independent and creativity driven entertainment group in the Nordic region". Moskito also have its own sport division "Moskito Sport", and also owned the subsidiaries Crea Television (formerly known as Crea Video), including its divisions Crea Sport and Crea Filmi, Cape Sound, Van Der Media, Production House, Grillifilms, Pure Scandinavia and Angel Films. It was originally owned by media company Talentum Plc through Varesvuo Partners until 2008, Moskito was later acquired by CapMan in the same year, Moskito was acquired by Nice Entertainment Group through This is Nice Studios Finland Oy in 2013, Nice was formerly known as Northern Alliance, Nice Entertainment Group was owned by Modern Times Group's content arm MTG Studios. In 2018, Nice Entertainment Group was integrated into Nordic Entertainment Group (now known as Viaplay Group). Later, in 2021, Moskito was acquired by RTL Group's subsidiary Fremantle.

1st Logo (1999-2011)

Visuals: a helicopter with what looks to be a fireball. Then the text "Moskito" and "Evolution" flash on the screen, along with "WILL BE" and "Televised." The sequence continues to see more footage of the helicopter and what looks to be a map. The words flash one more time before the text "Moskito" and "Television" appear on screen whilst the helicopter footage plays in the back.

Variant: A shortened variant exists.

Technique: Live-action combined with CGI animation.

Audio: A mix of swoosh noises followed by the sound of a helicopter, and an electric guitar with reversed cymbals. At the end a man can be heard saying "Moskito Will Be Televised!"

Availability: The long version of the logo is found on the DVD releases of Isänmaan toivot, as it replaces Media-Active logo from season 2 onwards. It is also found in reality shows like Stiller and Saari. Later in the mid-2000s, the abridged variant is used more commonly at the time and it can be spotted in Ajoneuvos or found in DVD releases of shows like Uudisraivaaja and Helppo Elämä (Easy Living).

2nd Logo (September 2, 2010-)

Visuals: On a red, green, or violet background, many golden scale-like shapes are seen forming many different shapes. After the giant thing formed by the shapes, it then cuts to some of the shapes forming a comet-like shape. It then cuts to the company name as the gold shapes fade to a solid golden ember.


  • Abridged variants seen in television shows and programs feature the logo with animation and soundtrack cut slightly shorter as a whole. Around 2012, a variant had replaced this early variant with with slight addition: the animation of the word "television" is changed to the byline saying "a nice company".
    • On serialized tv shows, the logo variant for them uses a violet background, along with later variant with "a nice company" byline.
    • On entartainment or reality shows, the background is colored red along with separate variant with "a nice company" byline.
    • In the design show T.i.l.a., the abridged variant with green background exists.
    • On sport programs, the background is dark cyan, and the word "sport" replaces "television". Abridged variant has also the byline "a nice company" popping in.
  • In the production company's showreel video from 2016, multiple quick cuts of logo animations with different colored backgrounds are shown before displaying the end of the animation with complete golden ember and full text on a red background. We then see the text "2015 MENESTYKSET" fading in below the logo text. Another showreel from 2017 features short, separate logo animations featuring complete golden ember without text logo, but instead different words popping up to the screen such as "viihde" on a red background, "sport" (With letter "p" stragely lacking vertical line) on a dark cyan background and "draama" on a violet background.
  • In 2018, the current variant of the logo was introduced with the animation of scales being completely removed. Much like in previous abridged variants is the golden ember and text logo on a red background with the "television" scrolling down to reveal the same byline "a nice company". From 2018 until 2020, the byline was changed to "part of" with the Nordic Entertainment Group logo. From 2020 until 2021, the byline was again changed to just the words "Part of Nordic Entertainment Group" instead. From 2021, the byline was yet again changed to "A Fremantle Company" with the Fremantle logo in its script font.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Shining sounds.

Audio Variant: The 2018 rendition of the logo basically uses raising synth instrument and the generic "Deep Boom" stock sound effect.


  • Original, long logo animations with different colored backgrounds are available in the BARidentities's YouTube channel. The extended red variant debuted on T.i.l.a. in September 2, 2010 and replaced Crea Television logo. Strangely though on the same program, it was quickly replaced with abridged variant with red background in September 23, 2010 and again with another abridged logo with green background in October 21, 2010. Currently, the abridged variant with the green background isn't available online.
  • Early variants without "a nice company" byline has become somewhat tough to find as they are found for the most part in Finnish shows which aren't widely available online such as Korkojen kera and Ajoneuvos; both of which are known to feature abridged red variant. However, Helsingin herra from 2012 has been released on DVD, which has both early abridged variant on a violet background in early episodes and later variant with the byline on the last half of episodes.
  • Later variant with "a nice company" byline on a violet background is common in many shows such as the first season of Koukussa (Hooked), Mustat lesket and its 2016 international remake called Black Widows. Many of these shows can be found at Finnish streaming service Yle Areena being available for limited time.
  • Byline variant on a red background can be spotted on early seasons of Kuppilat kuntoon, Jyrki Sukula!.
  • Another byline variant with dark cyan background is known to be featured in the Finnish sport program MotorSport until the logo was then removed around 2018.
  • Current variant in 2018 with "a nice company" byline is spotted during the fourth season of Kuppilat kuntoon, Jyrki Sukula!. A variant with modified "part of Nordic Entertainment Group" byline is seen in shows such as the second season of Koukussa (Hooked) and the first season of Modernit miehet, another variant with just the words "Part of Nordic Entertainment Group" is found in Finnish shows like Kullannuput, Mist sä tuut? and the second season of Modernit miehet, while the third season of the latter show has the latest variant with "A Fremantle Company" byline.

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