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Monster AS is an Oslo-based television production company established by Trond Kvernstrøm and Olav Øen on 7 November 2001. Around 2021, Fremantle purchased the company.

1st Logo (12 September 2003-2008)

Visuals: Varying between shows, it consists of 2D monsters (usually a skeleton with horns and a stick figure-like appearance named Reverend Leroy) performing comedic skits or conversations. At the end of the logo, the company name in a big, capitalized font (texture may vary, but it either has a brown close up of a living room or a red scratched surface image) swiftly slides in from either side, knocking the characters out of the screen.

Variants: These are the skits that may be seen before the logo is revealed:

  • Various:
    • The camera zooms out of a brown speaker. Six monsters burst out of the low frequency driver: The Surfaholic, King Dapper, Reverend Leroy, Skippy, Foghat Jimmy, and an unnamed, hand creature. They run around and cheer "We are the monsters!" two times before the company name is uttered.
      • There is the TV set version of this variant where the monsters break the screen (which has the testcard on it).
    • Foghat Jimmy, Reverend Leroy, and The Surfaholic drink three green substances. After giggling, they all disappear.
  • Reverend Leroy:
    • He plays the drums, only for it to fall apart.
    • The monster performs on a rock guitar. The note he hit was so loud, it disintegrated him into pieces.
      • Another rock guitar version where Reverend Leroy is next to a speaker. The instrument malfunctioned, causing him to kick the speaker a few times, leading it to explode.
    • Reverend Leroy, as a chef, serves a turkey dish to three female monsters. The meal catches on fire and quickly spreads to every object on-screen. Noticeably, Leroy is the only one panicking from the flames.
      • Classy background music may sometimes be added to this variant.
      • Another version of this variant adds a stock thud sound effect when the turkey dish hits the floor as well as when the logo pushes the characters to the side.
    • The same character from before is sizzling a skull on a frying pan. He flips it and hits him on the head, setting him ablaze. The logo bonks him, knocking him on the floor unconscious.
    • A Shakespearean parody where Leroy is holding his head, saying "To be, or not to be. That-" before the logo pushes his body off to the side, leaving just his head on-screen.
      • The line for this variant may be re-recorded to have a less exciting effect.
    • Leroy is walking while drinking a green bottle of beer. He burps and collapses on the floor.
  • The Surfaholic:
    • The monster is holding a net trying to catch something. The letters in the company name rise from the ground and he, seated on the "N", stops what he was doing and looks at the logo.
    • After jamming along to a rock tune, his head falls off.
    • The Surfaholic is singing into a microphone (similar to the "And I..." part of "I Will Always Love You") and gets it stuck in his mouth.
  • A variant exists where the text is green.
  • Sometimes, the logo is still on a white background.
  • There is an in-credit variant.

Technique: A mix of 2D computer animation and CGI.

Audio: The monsters expressing themselves in a high-pitched voice. At the end, a deep male voice utters the company name.

Audio Variant: The utterance of the company name may have different effects applied. For instance, it may sound like it is being spoken out of a speaker. This version is used for the first rock guitar and speaker variants.

Availability: It appeared on a lot of TV shows from the mid-2000's, many of which can be found on Metronome and Scanbox Home Entertainment DVD releases. Several programmes such as the 2007 Sissel Northern Lights Concert and Grip mikrofonen can be viewed on TV2's website, but similar to other foreign channels, it is only accessible in their respective countries. Speaking of the latter programme, it uses The Surfaholic's microphone variant. The Shakespeare parody sequence appears on Gutta Boys.

2nd Logo (16 May? 2008-9 May 2015)

Manshow (season 5)

Visuals: Concept-wise, it follows the same steps as before. Design-wise, the backgrounds are washed out with a vignette and the logo is changed to a blocky font set to either dodger blue or brown.

Variants: Like before, the following skits may be presented before the monsters get knocked out off the screen:

  • Various:
    • Various monsters are seated on three aluminum bleachers. Some of them are singing while others are having normal conversations.
    • A brown boxing glove breaks a TV set with one blow, uncovering Kilroy, Reverend Leroy, The Surfaholic, Lord Howling Hope, and Skippy (wearing a purple polka-dot blouse), cheering "We are the monsters!" and then laughing.
    • Kilroy, Reverend Leroy, Lord Howling Hope, Skippy, and The Surfaholic are dressed in drag and appear in a talk show setting, making random conversations with each other. They notice the logo falling from the air and panic. Apart from the latter monster, who fell from the couch, they all remain seated.
    • A marching band skit with The Surfaholic, Reverend Leroy, and Skippy playing the drums, trombone, and cymbals. The middle knocks the other monsters out of the screen with the trombone.
  • Reverend Leroy:
    • Reverend Leroy breaks the same object described above with an axe.
      • There are several alternate versions of this: one where the monster says "Nice!" after breaking the set.
      • Another variant has the TV 2 A/S logo transition from Monster's to said company's.
    • Seated on an office chair, Leroy says "What a piece of crap!". After a brief pause, he shouts the same line again only for an explosion to interrupt him in the middle of his dialogue.
    • The skeletal creature is on a grassy setting, laying behind a tree and watching a monarch butterfly fly by. Suddenly, a dark cloud slides in from the right and shocks Leroy.
    • Leroy walks around, crying "I've been f**ked!" three times.
    • Two rubber red couches are seen with Leroy sleeping on the right one. A boom microphone enters the screen and bonks his head several times, waking him up. Leroy nags who woke him up afterwards.
    • Leroy is dressed as Albert Einstein and thinks hard about something. A light bulb pops up above him, giving him an idea. However, the bulb malfunctions and explodes.
    • Wearing a gasmask, the monster taps a metal barrel several times. The barrel explodes shortly afterwards.
    • The monster sings an opera song while wearing a tuxedo. After flipping around, he becomes a cowboy playing the banjo and performing a country song. Then, he becomes a rapper.
  • Reverend Leroy/Skippy:
    • The former, as a professor, gives a brief lecture before Skippy hands him an apple. He pats the small creature before the apple explodes.
    • Both characters are in an acrobatic act. Skippy leaps from the left bar and Leroy catches the creature, disappointing the audience. Part of Leroy's body snaps off and shocks the audience.
  • Reverend Leroy/The Surfaholic:
    • Both monsters are playing with the Earth, treating it like a bounce ball. It squishes Leroy, much to The Surfaholic's delight.
    • The Surfaholic is inside a TV set and, while wearing a boxing glove, punches Reverend Leroy out of the screen. He says "Nice!" afterwards.
  • Reverend Leroy/Kilroy: the latter serves the former (wearing Uncle Sam's hat) a meal consisting of a dinosaur's head. After Leroy thanks Kilroy for the dish, the head eats the former piece by piece.
  • The Surfaholic/Kilroy: both characters are drinking with each other in an office-like setting. The substance they were drinking is green acid, melting their bodies and leaving only their heads intact.

Technique: A mix of 2D computer animation and CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

Audio Variant: Sometimes, the ending theme of the show plays either over the dialogue or has it muted.

Availability: Like before, it was seen on many TV shows, which include the first five seasons of Alt for Norge and Glade jul, which uses the Reverend Leroy TV set sequence. The "I've been f**ked!" sequence appears on Manshow.

3rd Logo (30 August 2015-)

Full logo

First snippet

Second snippet

Fourth snippet

Fifth snippet

Camera sequence


Office (uncensored)



Christmas (alternate)

Visuals: A spotlight dims on a turquoise demon-skeleton monster who proceeds to sing. Suddenly, he spits out a brown hairball and a close-up of that is shown. The background changes from black to pink and the hairball quickly rolls towards the left, bounces, and a monster with demon horns and a hairy body emerges, giving a thumbs up. Then, a skeleton comes out of the brown creature's mouth, changing the background color to brown. Next, an orchid coloured mummy creature with his head on fire runs into the skeleton and around the screen. The background for this snippet becomes turquoise. And then, the fire engulfs the monster, turning the background to yellow and morphing the creature into a female, flame monster with a black-yellow dress and long tail with a chain. She hits the screen using her tail and the company name in a white, fury texture is shown on a grey background. The logo shakes a few times, becoming muddy and then a normal font. The logo slides down and the five monsters from earlier are shown. The turquoise creature raises two fingers afterwards.


  • 2015-2021: None.
  • 2020: "Part of Nordic Entertainment Group"
  • 2021-: "A Fremantle Company" with "Fremantle" being said company's logo.


  • Usually, the sequences may be shown individually on various shows. The logo appearing follows the same step as the previous logos, but its appearance various for each one:
    • First sequence: A tan sticky substance in the same look as the normal logo. This is set on a gold vignette background.
    • Second sequence: The hairy version of the logo is coloured grey and set on a dimly lit tan background.
    • Fourth sequence: The flames reveal the normal version of the logo on the same background as said sequence.
    • Fifth sequence: The normal logo is set on a dark pink background.
  • Sometimes, two or more of these sequences may be shown rather than individually.
  • There are several more short skits (starting in 2021) featuring these monsters:
    • The mummy monster gets stuck in the film reels of a movie camera.
    • A Christmas sequence which features a hand peeling off a sticker that reads "God Jul" on an Advent calendar, which reveals the company name in a gold texture set on a snowy setting.
    • An office setting skit starring the brown and turquoise monsters. The latter is pulling envelopes out of a drawer while the former is reading a paper while he trips over a crumpled paper and unknowingly bumping into the open chest. The chest shuts the skeletal monster's torso into the drawer, leaving his head and limbs sticking out. The logo is turquoise and against a dark grey background.
      • There is an uncensored variant of this where blood splatters everywhere after the turquoise monster is shut into the drawer.
    • The hairy monster (wearing a party hat) is excited for his birthday while the flame monster watches him. Then, they both giving a big hug together, causing the flame monster's fire to the hairy monster's whole body as he screams.
  • There is a 20th anniversary variant that consists of a turquoise frosted cake pop up from the bottom with the candles "20" on top. Gold and turquoise confetti pops out as well and the "S" in the company name is wearing a party hat.

Technique: 2D computer animation done by Qvisten Animation.

Audio: Throughout the logo, the monsters' noises are heard, each of which vary. Cartoony sound effects play during the second sequence and a tribal drum soundtrack is heard during the third and fourth sequences. The latter ends abruptly when the monster runs around the screen. When the logo is revealed, the same dialogue from before that utters the company name plays, followed by a few dramatic bangs and a reverse cymbal crash.

Audio Variants:

  • The same speaker version of the dialogue may be used.
  • Sometime in 2020, a high-pitched female voice reads the company name, complete with a bounce sound effect at the beginning.
  • There is an alternate variant for the Christmas sequence, featuring a toy box rendition of "Jingle Bells" and a group of older kids saying the company name.
  • The birthday sequence has the same dialogue from the alternate Christmas variant.


  • It is seen on their newer programmes with the earliest being season 6 of Alt for Norge. Like the first logo, they are found on region-locked sites and streaming services such as Viaplay and TV2's website. However, services such as Netflix and Discovery+ UK did feature Borderliner and Estonia at one point.
  • The full logo is so far only seen on an ident video posted by Qvisten Animation on their YouTube channel. It is unknown where this logo can be seen.
  • The second sequence can be seen on seasons 6-10 of Alt for Norge, The Oslo Killing, and Borderliner.
  • The fourth sequence is the easiest to find out of all the variants. It is seen on Verdens beste venner, The Girl from Oslo, and Estonia.
  • The movie camera sequence was seen on Pørni and Nede.
  • The uncensored version of the office variant can be seen on Familien Adampour.
  • The birthday sequence was seen on Campingplassen.
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