Columbia Pictures Pay Television

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Columbia Pictures Pay Television was a division of Columbia Pictures Television that distributed movies to pay television networks.

Logo (1977-1986)

Visuals: The second half of the 1976 Columbia Pictures logo, beginning with the appearance of the sunburst and forming into the orange half-circle with the sunburst; the animation also has a yellowish tint to it. After it forms, the words "COLUMBIA PICTURES PAY TELEVISION" with "PRESENTS" below in the same Cooper Black font from the Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment logo fade in below.

Closing Variant: Same as the opening logo, except it has "A" and "PRESENTATION" above and below the company name respectively.

Technique: Motion-controlled cel animation by Robert Abel & Associates, with the finished sunburst design and words using chroma key.

Audio: The second half of the 1976 Columbia Pictures logo theme, composed by Suzanne Ciani.

Availability: The only two noted instances of this logo appearing are on a 1986 HBO airing of A Chorus Line and the closing variant's appearance on a 1980(?) ON TV airing of Orson Welles at the Magic Castle, and as such, the logo is long gone outside of off-air video recordings.

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