Lil' Whoop Productions

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Lil' Whoop Productions was founded by Whoopi Goldberg as a children's television arm of her company One Ho Productions.

Logo (January 18, 2004-August 13, 2006)

Visuals: Over a white background is a drawing of what appears to be Whoopi Goldberg as an infant; she is wearing camouflage outfit with droopy socks grinning while sitting and clenching her fists. Her left eye is significantly larger than her right one, and she has overtly spiky hair, giving off a crazed appearance. Below her is the text:


in bold with a trademark ("TM") symbol next to it.

Technique: A still, digital graphic.

Audio: On Whoopi's Littleburg, the logo is silent. On Just for Kicks, the logo has a funk tune that almost sounds like a music cue Mr. Meaty would use.

Availability: Seen on two long-forgotten Nickelodeon shows: Just for Kicks, which hasn't reran since Summer 2006, and Whoopi's Littleburg, which hasn't been seen since 2004.

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