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Rubber Duck Entertainment was formed in July 2005, as part of a split of its parent company Contender Entertainment Group. Rubber Duck functioned as the television division of the now holding company, and handled production and rights management for both TV and merchandise, while Contender Home Entertainment functioned as their home entertainment distributor.

After the rebranding of Contender as E1 UK (Entertainment One UK) in March 2009, Rubber Duck Entertainment was rebranded as E1 Kids.

Logo (2005-September 23, 2009)

Visuals: On a black background is a yellow rubber duck with the words "loved forever" on it in red on a teal square with rounded corners. The duck moves around, like it's swimming in water, then it blinks. The square widens to become a rectangle, and the words "RUBBER DUCK ENTERTAINMENT" fade in on it in white.

Variant: On season 2 of Peppa Pig, season 1 of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom and Humf, the logo is still and in-credit.

Technique: Flat-shaded CGI. None for the in-credit still variant.

Audio: An accordion, spoons, trumpets, and hiccupping sounds played to the tune of "Aquarela do Brasil" finishing off with a keyboard note followed by a quack sound.

Audio Variant: For the in-credit variant, the end theme of the show is used.


  • This logo appears on 2005-2009 DVD releases of Peppa Pig, starting with "New Shoes and Other Stories" and ending with "Stars and Other Stories".
    • However, the Entertainment One reissues plaster this logo and the Contender logo with theirs instead.
  • It also appears on the Tractor Tom DVD releases "Buzz to the Rescue" (disc 2 only) and "Wheezy's Wings".
  • The in-credit version appears on season 2 of Peppa Pig, the first half of the first season of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom and Humf.
Rubber Duck Entertainment
E1 Kids
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