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On January 15, 1991, Regency Enterprises founded the subsidiary company, New Regency Productions. Formerly with offices on the Warner Bros. lot, New Regency is currently located on the 20th Century Studios lot. New Regency primarily produces movies, and has at least 100 movies to its credit. New Regency produced 2013's 12 Years a Slave, 2014's Birdman, or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, and 2015's The Revenant, which earned the company two Academy Awards for Best Picture in a row, and three nominations. As a joint venture with 20th Century Studios, the parent company Regency has an 80% stake in the company.

Logo (March 15, 1991?-December 8, 1993)

Visuals: It starts out with a transparent, glassy background. The background then folds, revealing that it's part of the second "E", in "NEW REGENCY", made out of the same transparent material, over a red-blue-gold-gradient background.

Variant: A variant with the Roadshow Television logo exists. The Roadshow logo runs either in warp or regular speed and folds down into the start of the New Regency logo's animation.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: The opening theme of the movie or in most cases, its silent.

Availability: Seen on television prints of pre-1994 films such as Six Degrees of Separation. The Roadshow Television variant is more common than the normal variant and is retained on current Australian TV airings of said film.

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