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The U.M.&M. Television Corporation (commonly spelled as "U.M.&M. TV Corp.") was a television distribution company established in 1951, commonly known as the original purchaser of Paramount Pictures' pre-October 1950 shorts and cartoons (except for Popeye and Superman) before its acquisition with the package included by National Telefilm Associates (now "CBS Media Ventures"), future successor to distributor NBC Films, in May 1956. The letters "U.M.&M. T.V." stood for United Film Service, MTA-TV of New Orleans, and Minot T.V.

Logo (1955-1956)


  • Opening: On a scarlet red background, there is a large blue shield with the words "U.M.&M. T.V. CORP. presents" in yellow inside it on separate lines. The phrase "U.M.&M." is the largest on the logo. There is a whitish "glow" around the shield.
  • Closing: At the end of the film, the words "THE END, A U.M.&M. T.V. CORP Presentation" appear, with the word "Presentation" written in cursive lettering. There's also a variant of the closing title in which the background is green and the text is orange.


  • A black and white version exists, which features the shield in black on a white background with white lettering. There is no "glow" around the shield.
  • On the Little Lulu cartoons "Lulu's Indoor Outing" and "Super Lulu", the background is green and the shield is red-violet with orange text.

Technique: A cel-painted graphic.

Audio: The opening and closing themes of the cartoon.

Availability: Usually plasters over the Paramount Cartoons logo on most black and white prints, and most Little Lulu cartoons and a minority of the color cartoons. Can be found on numerous public domain cartoon videos, especially on Little Lulu, Little Audrey and Betty Boop. The logo can be also seen on "Jasper and the Haunted House", which no longer airs on TV.

Paramount Cartoons (pre-1950)
U.M.&M. Television Corporation
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