Pariah Films

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This is Gavin Polone's production company, founded in May 2001.

Logo (September 12, 2002-)

Visuals: Set in a crumbled village with a foggy green sky, a red-cloaked man emerges from a stack of rocks as an angry mob chases him in the distance, while the glowing gold word "PARIAH" is seen above. As the mob comes closer, the man runs past the camera and his cloak covers up the screen.

Trivia: According to Gavin Polone, the logo is meant to represent him being "chased by a bunch of crappy journalists from crappy entertainment magazines."[1]


  • A long version exists where after the man runs past the camera, a flaming arrow is launched and forms the company name above on a black background.
  • A still version exists.

Technique: 2D hand-drawn animation.

Audio: A dramatic orchestrated fanfare with the sound of bells and a wordless chorus. On TV shows, mob members are heard chanting "The evil one!" and "Get him!".

Audio Variants:

  • During the early use of this logo, it had a dramatic medieval theme with the sound of the mob, with some additional banter between both sentences.
  • On Zombieland and Premium Rush, a synth drone is heard with dogs barking in the background, followed by a lone church bell when the text is formed.
  • Sometimes, the closing theme of the show or the network's generic theme plays over the logo.


  • The short version was seen on Family Affair (2002), Hack, the failed pilot of The Angriest Man in Suburbia, My Boys, The Showbiz Show, Emily's Reason Why Not, and at the start of the film Population 436, despite the long version being introduced two years before it's release.
  • The long version is seen on the films Zombieland, Primeval, Nerdland, Premium Rush, and the unsold pilot for D.O.T.S.
  • The still version was seen on the short-lived HBO series Tell Me You Love Me.


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