Friesen/Meyer Productions

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This was a production company owned by Gil Friesen (former president of A&M Films) and Andrew Meyer. They produced three films in 1985 and 1986, including The Breakfast Club.

Logo (August 23, 1985)

Visuals: The sequence opens with the loud, high-pitched scream of a woman. As the shot zooms out is that the woman (who has blond hair and red lips, wearing a gold crown on her head and what looks like a strapless dress with a red corset top and blue skirt) being captured by a short and fat green ogre with sharp teeth, a set of horns, a slithering red tongue and small blue sneakers. The ogre immediately starts to run away from us (with the shot being that of us chasing the ogre), and he passes underneath the "A", past the "/" of "FRIESEN/MEYER" and over the "U" in "PRODUCTION" with the woman still screaming for help. This logo is integrated into the opening credits to Better Off Dead, and as such continues through this sequence.

Technique: '80s cartoon animation.

Audio: The woman's scream and the opening theme to the movie, a tribal-like synth soundtrack composed by Rupert Hine.

Availability: Appears as part of the opening credits to Better Off Dead.
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