WW Entertainment

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WW Entertainment was the television distribution subsidiary of World-Northal Corporation.

Logo (1978-1988)

Visuals: Same as the World-Northal Corporation logo, but the sphere has the letters "WW" on the right side of it in the ITC Avant Garde font. When the sphere fully zooms out, the text "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in next to it, also in ITC Avant Garde, as well as "Presents" below it, centered and in a different sans serif font.

Technique: Motion-controlled animation.

Audio: Same as the World-Northal Corporation logo.

Availability: Back in the day, it was seen on any television prints distributed by World-Northal Corporation, but nowadays is usually removed or replaced with newer distributor's logos. It was seen on Jade Claw on WNEW-TV (now WNYW-TV)'s Drive-In Movie block and on the SVS VHS of Smart Money (1986). Can be currently seen on the Amazon Prime print of Ninja Warlord (1973).

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