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In 1997, Malofilm Video was renamed to Behaviour Communications after founder René Malo left the company, two years after Malofilm purchased Canadian video game developer Megatoon, and around the time that was renamed to Behaviour Interactive. Behaviour later acquired MDP Worldwide in 1999, turning that into "Behaviour Worldwide". Soon after, the company struggled financially, leading to its split in 2000; the film studio was sold to Industry Entertainment and renamed to Seville Pictures, the game company was sold back to its founders and renamed to Artificial Mind & Movement, and the worldwide division was also sold back to its founders and reverted to its original name.

Logo (September 9, 1997-January 28, 2000)

Visuals: The logo starts with an old black-and-white video of a middle-aged woman walking on a street, when it suddenly fades to a shot of something rising up from the ground. Next she stops and looks backwards, before she screams and points her arm up as the screen fades to a shot of a giant stone "b" being pulled up. It then fades to a matrix-web with the Behaviour logo animating in various directions, crossfading to a view from a rollercoaster diving into a dark tunnel. The sequence then fades into the "b" being pulled up near a skyscraper and a crane around it in front of a rollercoaster, and the screen fades to a black background with the Behaviour logo on it, which consists of the text "b'heivijə(r)" (which is the word "behaviour" notated in the IPA format) in a white-outlined rectangle.

Variant: On some films, the logo begins with the "b" being fully pulled up.

Technique: A mix of live-action and CGI.

Audio: It starts off with some crickets chirping and the sound of footsteps, followed by a loud rumble and the woman briefly screaming. All of a sudden, the logo audio is cut off as the camera is driven into the darkness. As the screen fades into the "b" being pulled up, the sounds of the wind blowing and a heartbeat are heard.

Audio Variant: The short variant has just the sounds of wind blowing and the heartbeat or uses the film's opening theme.

Availability: Seen on Love & Sex, Eye of the Beholder, and the Canadian releases/prints of films from that company such as Chinese Box and Free Money.

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