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Around 1990, Kelly Entertainment Company, the national production arm of the Kelly Broadcasting Corp. (then-owners of NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento, CA and independent station/Fox affiliate KCPQ in Tacoma, WA), was renamed Kelly News & Entertainment. The company was purchased by Hearst-Argyle Television (now "Hearst Television") with KCRA-TV in 1999 and the company was folded into Hearst-Argyle Television Productions.

Logo (September 30, 1991-August 1999)

Visuals: Live-action footage of an eagle flying at sunset is played. Then, the footage fades to a white background, where a green bar with the word "KELLY" in 3D white lettering with the letters "K" and "Y" in bold flips horizontally. The text "NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT" slides down from under the bar in black lettering and a copyright year stamp fades in below. A shining wipe effect appears on the bar, which shines again two seconds later.

Variant: A short version starts with the logo flipping.

Technique: CGI and some live-action.

Audio: The eagle calling, then a synth theme with a 7-note eerie whistling sound, followed by another whistling note with the sound of a ping blended in. The closing theme of the show was also used.

Availability: Seen on the game shows Click! and Peer Pressure. It was also seen on Save Our Streets and the newsmagazine The West. The 1990 pilot Show Me (info on it can be found at Mike Burger's GS Pilot Light) might have this logo too.

Kelly Entertainment Company
Kelly News & Entertainment
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