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Trigger Street Productions is the production company of Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, formed in 1997. It is named after an actual street in Spacey's boyhood home of Chatsworth, where Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (and Roy's horse Trigger) had their ranch.

Shortly after they launched, they signed a deal with Fine Line Features in order to release films for a two-year period and later with Intermedia Films. Other deals included Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2011 and Fox 21 Television Studios in 2015.

In January 2016, Relativity Media acquired the company just as they emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with Spacey opting out of assuming the chairman job, while Brunetti became president as the studio filed paperwork for court, although Brunetti left the company by the end of the year.

1st Logo (January 18, 2003)

Visuals: Scrolling up with the credits, there is a white filmstrip reel with the inside containing a road zooming down with clouds. Underneath, there is the text "TRIGGER STREET" in an Arial font.

Technique: A still graphic.

Audio: The closing theme of the film.

Availability: Seen at the end of The United States of Leland.

2nd Logo (December 17, 2004)

Visuals: The screen fades into a blue background as a black filmstrip reel is seen rolling while the inside pans down to the road zooming down with clouds on the horizon. The company name is seen below, with "STREET" in a white color. The entire logo is seen blurry at first, but then gains focus. The road inside the filmstrip continues zooming down until it fades out.

Technique: A mix of 2D animation and CGI.

Audio: A few seconds of silence, followed by six clicks.

Availability: Only seen on Beyond the Sea.

3rd Logo (May 1, 2006-)

Visuals: On a black background, a filmstrip reel with an image of a road zooming down fades in as the holes on either side of them begin to glow. The reel then moves upward as the camera then zooms into the image of the road. After a few seconds, a filmreel moves back on the background as it scrolls past, then there is a large flash underneath forming the company name from before (now in a full white color). As it does this, the filmreel stops moving while the road inside fades into full color as the logo slowly zooms in and stops quickly before fading out.


  • A print version is seen at the end of 21.
  • On House of Cards, the logo is cut-short, starting when the company name forms.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Starts out with an orchestral tune combined with the whirring of a film projector; which then turns into a calming piano theme held throughout as the image zooms in. A deep whoosh is heard when the filmstrip pulls back; followed by a brief whoosh when the company name forms, causing the piano to stop. The theme was composed by Tracy Mills. Sometimes, it's silent.

Availability: Seen on films such as Mini's First Time, Columbus Day, Fanboys, Shrink, Father of Invention, and the end of 21. Also seen on the Netflix series House of Cards, as well as the first season of Manhunt.
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