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In 2006, both the main divisions of the Endemol UK Productions, the UK-based general entertainment/factual subsidiary of Endemol, who operated its core and West divisions, would be renamed to Cheetah Television, and the Big Brother franchise was reassigned to Brighter Pictures. On September 16, 2009, Endemol UK announced that Cheetah would be merged with fellow subsidiary Brighter Pictures to form a new production company, titled Remarkable Television (now Remarkable Entertainment).

Logo (August 28, 2006-June 15, 2009)

Visuals: Same as before, but with the company text below stacked reading "cheetah television" (either with or without "west") and the Endemol byline appears underneath. The logo may be featured on the last scene of the show, or on a black background.

Technique: Same as the Endemol logo.

Audio: Same as the Endemol logo.


  • The standard version was used on episodes of Ready Steady Cook from the time, alongside shows such as Snog Marry Avoid?, The Sex Education Show, Supersize vs. Superskinny and Gok's Fashion Fix.
  • The "West" version appeared on seasons 2-5 of Deal or No Deal and on late-2006-early-2007 episodes of Brainteaser until the show's axing.
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