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After Eric L. Gold and Jimmy Miller left Werner/Gold/Miller in 2007, Tom Werner renamed his production company to Werner Entertainment, retaining his deal at Warner Bros. Television. The company currently co-exists with Sara+Tom, which Werner co-owns with Sara Gilbert.

1st Logo (September 30, 2009-March 26, 2024)

Visuals: On a grass background, there's the white text "WERNER ENTERTAINMENT" in a Western-like font. The text looks similar to a hazard on a golf course.


  • On Are You There, Chelsea?, the logo is on top of the Borderline Amazing Productions logo. Also, it slides from the bottom as the aforementioned logo drops in.
  • On Survivor's Remorse, the logo is slightly cropped.
  • On season 1 of The Conners, the logo is enhanced.
  • On Extended Family, an image of the print logo is used, fully scaled up to the edges of the screen.

Technique: Usually a still, digital graphic, but 2D computer animation for the Are You There, Chelsea? variant.

Audio: None, the closing theme of the show, or a generic network theme.

Availability: Seen on season 1 of The Conners (except for the pilot episode, as it uses a copyright notice). Also seen on Hank, Are You There Chelsea?, Survivor's Remorse and Extended Family. It does not appear on the 2021 film On the Count of Three, despite Tom Werner being involved.

2nd Logo (October 27-December 29, 2011)

Visuals: There is a picture frame containing two caricatures of Mike Clements (the co-creator of Good Vibes) and Tom Werner in a tiki bar setting, holding mugs and facing the viewer. The former is wearing summer-like clothes, and the latter is wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt (Werner is currently chairman of that baseball team). Under the frame, there's the text "Werner ENTERTAINMENT", with the first word in a gradient and surrounded by a black outline, similar to the Good Vibes logo.

Technique: A still, digital graphic custom made by 6 Point Harness.

Audio: None or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on the MTV show Good Vibes.

Werner Entertainment
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