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Talent Associates Ltd. was the production company that produced Get Smart, East Side/West Side, and McMillan & Wife. it was founded in 1952 by David Susskind. In 1968, it was acquired by Norton Simon, who then started a record division called TA Records. In 1974, Susskind and Ron Gibert brought the company back, and later sold it to Time-Life Films (a division of Time Inc, owner of HBO). HBO owns the copyright to the Talent library, with home video rights going through HBO Home Entertainment, and television distribution rights going through Warner Bros. Television (with a few exceptions, McMillan & Wife is owned by Universal Studios through NBCUniversal).

Logo (September 12, 1966-May 23, 1979)

Visuals: After the closing credits of the series, there is a "T" and an "A" zooming out and settling on the center of the screen, with the "T" higher than the "A". Then, "TALENT ASSOCIATES LTD." zooms out.


  • A B&W variant of this logo exists.
  • On the TV series N.Y.P.D., the in-credit variant of the logo is still. There's also a copyright notice seen under the "ABC Television Network" text.
  • On later season episodes of Get Smart, after "TALENT ASSOCIATES LTD." zooms in, the "TA" shifts upward to the left, after which the text "TALENT ASSOCIATES LTD." disappears and a slash mark and the text "NORTON SIMON INC." appear next to the "TA".
  • On the final season of the show (1969-1970), the logo is on a blue background, to accompany the Leonard Stern and CBS Productions logos.
  • On the game show pilot King of the Hill, the Talent Associates/Norton Simon logo is seen in-credit.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: The ending theme from any show.

Availability: Seen on Get Smart episodes from the era, as well as on The Good Guys, He & She, Run, Buddy, Run, and N.Y.P.D., among others. It might have last appeared on Blind Ambition.

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