Dog Eat Dog Films

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Note: Not to be confused with Dog Eat Dog Productions.


This is the production company and vanity card of Michael Moore.

Logo (December 20, 1989-)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a simple drawing of two dogs' nose to nose. One small dog is sitting down, and the other is big and evil-looking. The name can be seen below, saying "Dog Eat Dog Films". The small dog then swallows its enemy and winks.


  • Early versions of the logo have the background either purple or white and the company name is capitalized and colored red.
  • On the TV show The Awful Truth, the above variant is seen with the text deleted.

Technique: Cartoon animation.

Audio: None, but the early variant used a high string note and some growling, followed by a smurp sound.

Availability: The early variant appeared on early productions like TV Nation, The Awful Truth, and the movie The Big One. The later version was seen at the end of Capitalism: A Love Story and Sicko, among others.