Strand Releasing

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Strand Releasing is a distribution company founded in 1989 in Culver City, California. The company has distributed over 300 titles from many acclaimed American and international directors, as well as some more mainstream titles.

Logo (August 21, 1992-)

Visuals: The sequence opens to a shot of smog billowing from both corners of the screen. A black-and-white clip of the New York City skyline (with the Brooklyn Bridge) fades into view. As the smog fades out, there is a red dot appear out of nowhere, flashing bigger and bigger, followed by alternating flashes of text placed horizontally on opposite sides of the screen. The shot of New York City soon disappears along with the red dot. The flashing text stops also and we are left with the words "STRAND RELEASING" in opposite colors ("STRAND in white lettering on a long black rectangle placed on the white part of the background; "RELEASING" in black lettering on a long white rectangle placed on the black part of the background). Smog appears again, and the logo fades out.


  • A still version of this logo can be seen on the website itself.
  • A silent version can be seen on a couple films and trailers.
  • The newer version was a bit darker as shown on films. Mostly on old and new films.
  • The Home Video variant had a website byline; not below the logo.
  • A brighter version was seen on a couple films and trailers.

Technique: Live action combined with 2D computer animation.

Audio: A somber trumpet theme with some bells thrown into the mix.

Availability: Seen in films produced and/or distributed by this company, like The Prankster.
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