Carrington Productions International

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Carrington Productions International was a UK distributor of children's content.

In October 1999, SKD Media announced they would purchase Carrington. The purchase was closed the following month, and SKD Media rebranded as Entertainment Rights shortly after.

Logo (September 13, 1997-March 9, 2000)

Visuals: On a space background is an oval-shaped representation of Earth with the gold and white letters "CPI" appearing on the middle of the globe. Below that oval is this text reading like this:


Variant: On Jack and the Beanstalk and The Ugly Duckling, the logo is inside a box on a black background and shares the screen with the Martin Gates Productions logo.

Technique: None. [possible misuse]

Audio: The ending theme of the movie or TV show.

Availability: Seen on TV shows, such as The New Adventures of Zorro and Lavender Castle, and the direct-to-video release Jack and the Beanstalk.

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